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with a personalised user experience. is a website tool that uses visual prompts to proactively engage your website traffic. It creates a personalised user journey designed to increase conversion rates for every website visitor.


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How it works identifies engaged users on your website and provides a personalised user journey for every targeted user, guiding them towards your conversion goals. 

It does this by serving a dynamic sequence of visual prompts (known as "cues"), which are popup overlays with simple instructions, guiding users towards taking a key action - such as submitting a form or viewing important content. uses its advanced engagement measure engine to form what we call a "smart funnel" on your website.

As a user moves through the smart funnel, they're educated on your offering and guided towards taking action, via cues. The engine only delivers cues when it's the right moment for the user.

This results in significantly improved user engagement, conversion rates, and enables you to deliver relevant messaging at the right time to the right users.

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