Dreaming of student conversion rates this Christmas?

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Dreaming of student conversion rates this Christmas?

As the current application cycle continues, content will be planned over Christmas to help students with their research and decision making when it comes to university choices.

But what are students really doing when it comes to university research over the break?

Social media and ecommerce website popularity increases exponentially during Christmas Day, Boxing Day and the days that follow, but do students have the same appetite for their university research?

We took a look at what our data from recent years tells us, specifically focussing on the cohort of student prospects who have viewed course pages and displayed a positive sentiment towards studying a particular course when surveyed, and how their website engagement changes around the Christmas break.

What we noticed:

  • As we can expect, the number of new weekly users is at its lowest on the week of Christmas.
  • However, website engagement of the cohort stays at an elevated level.
  • Positive sentiment signals from users indicating they want to study increases immediately after Christmas, but do not return to the same level as early to mid-December.
  • The key week for engagement is the week before the UCAS January deadline (In 2020, this was the week commencing the 6th Jan).  

So, whilst there is a low chance that there will be an increase in the number of prospective students visiting your website, those who are finding their way to your course pages will likely see very strong levels of content engagement, and shouldn't be forgotten about whilst team members are relaxing throughout the Christmas break.

Our recommendation is to ensure that these highly engaged new users still have a positive and highly engaging first impression of your website during the Christmas holidays.

This might be harder to achieve with web and marketing teams not being on-hand to adapt content, initiate live chats and increase overall engagement – so explore tools like cues.ai, which can guide prospects towards the right content for them on your website.