How to Talk Student Value

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How to Talk Student Value

It’s perhaps no huge surprise that the Higher Education Policy Institute’s Student Experience Survey found that around 40% of students wish they’d deferred a year and only around a quarter felt like they had value for money during the pandemic.

Whilst there are still a number of questions students are likely to have over the format for studying and campus life over the coming academic year, as ever the discussion over what constitutes student experience and value for money will no doubt continue.

But are figures, numbers and teaching time central to students’ decision making? Or are there likely to be a breadth of questions from library opening times, clubs and societies, on campus events, and perhaps how your institution handled the pandemic likely to help give a better picture of their future experience?

It’s a complex part of higher education and whilst any restrictions over delivery, numbers being taught and contact time will be a key factor, the content that may inform students decisions as they get results and go through confirmation, clearing and adjustment, is likely to be varied.

If you can respond to and even predict what different students within your audience group need when researching aspects of student value on your website, you can improve the digital conversation you’re having with them, and ultimately conversion rates.

Have you asked your students whether they still have questions or what they’re looking for recently?

You can add small, easy to respond to cues on your pages that students can quickly respond to.

Our data shows that on average as students reply to these questions and content is curated to meet what they’re looking for they stay on institutions web pages over 4x longer.