In "Unprecedented" Times How Can We Better Predict What Students Want?

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In "Unprecedented" Times How Can We Better Predict What Students Want?

Joining an armoury of new pandemic-specific overused phrases, “unprecedented” times may just be part of a “new normal” we continue to adjust to. But it has raised questions about how we make predictions on everything from student numbers, conversion rates and the decision-making journey.

If we can better equip the data points around students’ journey, we can also better prepare for the unexpected. 

Mapping out virtual events, outreach visits, physical open days, flexible drop-in events, guided tours, student Q&As etc through to your social media, web content and application process, helps you to build the experience you offer consistently no matter what uncontrollable events occur over the coming year. 

Using behavioural data, quantitative and qualitative data and a wealth of other metrics (both your own and sector-wide) can help to inform what students are feeling, what they need next to inform their decision and what you can do to help. 

Often mapping recruitment journeys are done so with more of a focus on the key dates, targets, and processes of the institution, without some of the student lens that can help develop more contextually relevant conversations. 

For instance, with teacher assessed grades on the horizon, what is your web traffic telling you, are you asking students or their parents/guardians about what they need? 

We can’t always predict the next big issue or pandemic, but we can build a more agile approach to how we’re able to ask questions and seek to adjust what we’re doing, on a week by week basis rather than over entire cycles. 

This is something that influenced how we developed as we knew that a more responsive tool was needed to pick up on trends, behavioural indications and challenges to really impact what marketing and digital teams were able to do around student recruitment and conversion.

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