Localise Your Content to Convert

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Localise Your Content to Convert

The word ‘personalisation’ is used a lot when it comes to digital experiences, but beyond sounding a little creepy with “welcome back <insert name here>” on your website, what we wanted to talk about is the value of really localising your prospects’ experience in terms of where they’re from.

We’ve seen almost a 60% click through rate on geo-targeted cues that prompt international prospects to view pages with information specific to their region. And when you think about it – that kind of localisation could really help a student, not only with their process of going through your website and applying, but also viewing an institution as somewhere that other students like them are considering.

The approach takes is to qualify the user’s interest and then personalise the experience based upon there being a heightened interest in the offering, and this works well with international audiences as it gives them a very visible way forward through the website.

As well as improving the journey each time a prospect visits your site, which can really help when it comes to the application process, thinking about what a student sees that relates to them, makes them feel valued and recognised is a simple, yet obvious, way you can use

Whether that’s helping them find relevant application information or even before that, information about societies, groups or other students from their part of the world who have studied with you, all of these pieces of information can help improve the decision making journey.