Return of Campus Events?

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Return of Campus Events?

As lockdown measures continue to lift, are on-campus events going to provide a much-needed opportunity for students to confirm their decisions or inform their clearing and adjustment options?

There’s no doubt that virtual events are here to stay. They’ve demonstrated a flexible, cost-effective way for prospects to get a taste for what institutions are like and provide a low barrier tool as part of the research phase. But with the volume of virtual options increasing many institutions are seeing a gradual decline in attendance and even down to how ads are performing for virtual online options.

Virtual Fatigue?

You’ll know from your own work experiences over the past year, the sheer volume of screen time, video calls and virtual experiences have taken over many of the in-person experiences we’ve missed. That’s not to say we’ll all be back to office life and in person events immediately, but with lockdown measures lifting across the UK now, there are opportunities to re-evaluate what hybrid of physical and virtual events are needed. 


Whilst many Open Days are used as part of a research phase for prospects as they confirm their choices, 2021 may just be the year for students to seek them out for reassurance on their decision. Will students benefit from visiting a campus in person, to allow themselves to picture their student life as it might be this year, rather than the unknown, screen-based alternatives. 

Find out

Not sure what your offer holders want? If they’re visiting your pages and seeking out more information, you could use to simply ask them. Many students may plan to visit campus independently, but you may want to use that on-campus experience as an opportunity to really reassure and reaffirm their decision ahead of a potentially noisy clearing and adjustment phase. 

By finding out what their concerns are, what information or in-person experience they’re hoping to attain, you can shape your on-campus events to live up to expectations. For those international students who aren’t able to visit, you’ll also have a really strong insight into the type of information, video content and people to speak with that will help any additional virtual events you need to put on for them. 

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