Starting the Recruitment Cycle Right

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Starting the Recruitment Cycle Right

As term starts and students turn up on campus, attention turns to the forthcoming recruitment cycles and how to continue the conversation with the next cohort, begin new conversations with those who are a couple of years out and perhaps reach even further through early engagement to younger students. 

As the shift to in-person events returns alongside the world of virtual we’ve experienced over the past 18-months, how are you preparing conversations with prospective students and balancing conversations with several cohorts at once?

Here’s some things to get your cycle off to a running start; 

  1. Develop your early interactions: before you even get to the stage of getting a prospect to order a prospectus or visit campus, what conversations can you have that better move them through the information you need to inform their decision-making process? Use to interact and nudge prospects to the next. For those who are further along the process, allowing them to pick up where they left off when they next visit your site.
  2. Maximise the touch points throughout the year: along with the events and pieces of content that you have, start thinking about the other opportunities you have that can improve your interactions with different cohorts of students. That could be Q&A live chats, added information about trips or bursaries or opportunities to get onto campus. 
  3. Read the room (or more specifically cues!): Over confirmation and clearing, typically student sentiment is far more closely monitored to predict activity around clearing and conversion opportunities than the rest of the year. However, monitoring how students are engaging with courses and processing their decisions throughout the cycle enables you to be far closer to the decision making journey and reduce uncertainties towards confirmation and clearing. 

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