What Digital Marketing Really Works For You Organisation?

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What Digital Marketing Really Works For You Organisation?

It’s a pretty big question and forgive us for making you worry whether all your efforts have in fact even been worth it! But as much as this sounds like a cry for help from an over worked digital team, it is a really important question when you’re looking at end-to-end marketing activity and understanding what really works for your organisation.

Too often, because of the silo’s teams sit within or the structures and politics of how budget is attributed, this question gets lost in the goals and objectives of specific departments.

Often requests for specific digital marketing campaigns can come in focused time frames in response to market activity or last minute efforts to recruit additional students in clearing for example. Taken at face value, tracking a specific set of digital adverts through to a student going through clearing and enrolling at an institution can seem a step too far to correlate precisely, and terms like “awareness” are used to cover insecurities of digital marketing being focused on actual objectives and qualified in terms of ROI.  

End-to-end activity should be able to give a range of marketing conversion goals that are not so far apart as a prospective student seeing an advert and enrolling later that year. You could begin mapping out a series of goals that would better inform your digital marketing activity and enable you to adjust it according to responses and behaviours of your target audience.

This could range from the time spent on your site and the type of content they view, the responses to different cues you ask them, through to requesting a pre-clearing call-back, signing up to a virtual or in person event, and then to application steps.

By breaking down the decision-making journey and aligning it to your digital marketing, you are far more likely to better understand what elements are actually creating a change. Feed into that more specific remarketing data and finally recruitment information (from virtual events, open days and enrolments), you will begin developing a clearer end-to-end process to inform the next cycle.

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