What does hybrid student recruitment look like now?

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What does hybrid student recruitment look like now?

Not that many student recruiters have been solely reliant on in person meetings and carrier pigeons, but after the past two years shifting so much of how we go about the way we work, travel and live, it’s a fair assumption that the way forward won’t look like the way we were before. 

So, what does the new normal look like? 

International Steps Ahead

The international student recruitment market was perhaps the best initiated into the world of hybrid student recruitment. Virtual open days, online interviews and events have long been utilised as a cost-effective way of engaging with students overseas to compliment in person events from both the institutions. 

We’ve been using with clients to advance their early interactions and tailor a bespoke digital experience that emulates the personal approach of in person events.

This includes:

  • Landing pages that reflect the language, courses of interest and key interest points students tell us about 
  • Application processes that are easily detected and picked up/prompted as students come back to pages
  • Opportunities for interactions through chat, video calls and any in person events regularly shared

Balancing Students’ Interactions

Whilst many students are back at visiting campuses in person, there are still lots of Covid cases meaning isolations and some students may be more hesitant of large groups. The key here is enabling people to feel included no matter what event they can make. 

  • Provide different ways to experience your events and offer alternatives
  • Use to monitor how students may be feeling about events and to provide information about them
  • Don’t just wait for them to ask, ask questions regularly through This allows you an agile source of insight into your planning and may enable you to tackle any concerns or issues. 

First time in forever

For many of your target audience, missing out on university talks, visits or opportunities to explore their further/higher education choices has changed the way they expect things to happen. Your prospects may expect online events, smaller groups or personalised conversations. 

  • Think about what online and in-person events to intersperse to get a balance of touch points over the coming months for prospects
  • If there have been channels set up for outreach activities or virtual engagement with your academics and students, what can you keep in place? 
  • Are there aspects of university life that students are more concerned about than ever? What previously may have been predictable conversation paths may now totally be disrupted. Don’t forget to use insight to tell you what students care most about this cycle. 

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