Frequently asked questions

Technical & Installation

How do I install should be installed using Google Tag Manager, which is a free to use marketing tracking tag management system. Full set up information for Google Tag Manager can be found here. Once you have Google Tag Manager installed on your website, you will need to grant our team access to your website's container within Google Tag Manager. Our team will then load in the tracking script, which will handle the process of displaying cues to users. This simple process is all that is required to install on your website.

How do I configure what is displayed within the cues shown to users?

We make this as simple for our users as possible, by managing this ourselves. We will work with you to finalise the content that will show to users based on your business goals and our experience. You'll be able to preview the cues before they go live. If you require any changes to your smart funnel or cue messaging, then email your account manager who will be happy to help.

Will disrupt or break my website?

No. We have built to operate independently from any website it is placed upon. It is lightweight and does not leverage any of your existing CSS or Javascript dependencies in order to fully function.

Does meet accessibility best practice?

Cues displayed by feature all relevant accessibility tags to ensure screen readers can correctly process content and understand its context within the page it is served.

Can I style a cue?

Yes! We will work with you to style cues in a way that meets your brand guidelines and also adheres to web page accessibility best practice.

Data protection

Is GDPR compliant? is fully GDPR compliant as we harness the latest web browser technologies to process data client-side. As a result of this client-side processing, usage data is never sent to our servers. Specific lead capture activities or geo-location targeting, which will be discussed with clients, may require information to be processed via our secure servers.

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