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Increase user engagement and meet measurable conversion objectives.

What is is a fast and effective way to bring website personalisation to your user experience.

It works by placing multiple "smart funnels" on your website, each of which provide a suitable next step for the user to take.

Cues aren't your regular pop ups
– they unobtrusively react to user engagement, ask questions and can be targeted to specific audience groups.

Use the platform to sign post the best route through your website to various different audience groups.

We've found that users interacting with cues view 40% more pages per session, bounce rates decrease by 75% and users are almost twice as likely to perform a website conversion action.

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How does it work? analyses how a user interacts with your website. It then uses this knowledge to display a sequence of cues to the user over time, prompting them to perform contextually relevant actions, answer questions, or view content that they haven't done so already.

It provides a positive next step for users to take at the time that's right for them, so they're always moving through your pathway to conversion.

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Get your content seen by the right users, at the right time. learns about your users based on how they're interacting with your website. With this learning, you can define rules to build audience groups.

Each audience group can have its own set of cues.

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Snippets by lets your content team quickly highlight key points as users scroll through page content.

All you need to do is add our HTML tags to the text on your page that you want featured in cues. Once done, will display the text as the end user scrolls past it on the page. This brings your key messages into focus of the user, avoiding key points being lost as users skim read.

That's not all – you can use the engine to target Snippets to certain audiences. For example, you can show your most engaged users a different message to what a new user will see.

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Your own data

If a user opts in to analytics tracking, you can integrate with your own Google Analytics 4 account to see how your users are interacting with cues.

We provide full dashboards on your data and have regular sessions to report on performance.

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Integrations: lead capture and audience building lets you capture information from your users at the right time via forms served within cues.

We can integrate lead capture elements to major CRM platforms via our native Zapier integration or by using your own web forms.

You can even build audiences on popular advertising networks such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads, which helps improve remarketing campaigns.

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Install the script on your website.

After you've signed up, our team will contact you with your own script, and to discuss cue styling options. The lightweight cues script can be easily implemented on your website via Google Tag Manager, we'll send you full instructions on how this is done.


Configure and launch

On enterprise plans we handle set up and maintenance. Our team will work with you to build the audience groups, content and user journeys (or "flows") that will guide users through.

As part of this process, we'll also work with you on the styling and messaging for each cue.

Dashboards and reporting

All data is sent to your Google Analytics account so you can view performance for each cue in granular detail.

We also provide our enterprise customers with a detailed dashboard to quickly track performance.


Our Features


Target specific audiences and build sign-posted user journeys through your website.


Pull user's attention to key points in your content, and avoid users skimming past vital details.


Move your users through a pathway to conversion actions that fit their user journey.


Report on page performance, sentiment analysis, cue interactions and more.

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