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What is a Snippet?

‍A Snippet is a piece of text that exists on your web page that has brought into clear focus of the end user. This is particularly useful on mobile devices where large blocks of text often lead to content being skimmed and not fully read.

Snippets loads any text you define within your page HTML editor into a cue as the user scrolls past it. We've deliberately made this page text-heavy, so it highlights how Snippets works.

Using our custom HTML tags, you can define audience segments to decide what text is shown to each audience. For example, your new visitors could see your main calls-to-action, but those with a level of existing engagement could see more features and benefits. ‍We understand that attention spans are always narrowing. Long-form content works well for SEO, but not for user attention.

You can even show different snippets to different audiences. Snippets lets you improve recall of your content, and grabs user's attention when they're skim reading.‍ To get going with Snippets is easy, just sign up on our website and we'll send you the script. Once deployed on your website via Google Tag Manager, all you need to do is markup the text to display with our custom HTML tags. It's that simple!‍

Why we built Snippets

‍ directly affects any user journey requiring informed decision-making, leading to improved conversion rates, be they sales, sign-ups, or other desirable objective. In building we looked at the entire consideration process from a user perspective. People engage in comparative behaviour that involves reviewing information from multiple sources.

The single biggest issue with modern site design is that conversion optimisation focuses on the experience of that individual website, paring down the process to those most ready to convert.

To confidently make a decision people need to be well informed. Long form content is the best way to ensure this but can also result in ‘skimming’ leading to useful details being missed. ‍We identify and segment users, directing their attention and ensuring they see contextually relevant messages while developing a full understanding of your service or product. To convince anyone to do anything they need to not only hear enough about you to make up their mind... they also need to remember what you said.

Web content is so focused on selling sometimes it feels like there isn’t enough room to tell a story, yet it is the recall of these details that prompts repeat visits and drives the completion of desired objectives. ‍ is the tool that helps you harness the power of showing the right message to the right person at the right time based on their changing pattern of attention as they browse your website - all in the context of detailed information that supports informed decision making. transforms your relationship with your users so you can tell stories and provide valuable information... yet be sure that key messages are seen, retained and recalled.‍

Using your visitors spend longer on your website, look at more pages, absorb more information and have an altogether more compelling experience they recollect more positively.

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