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Understanding the Clout of Your Courses

Before students are on your radar, in the form of registering their details or attending an event, they’re already checking your clout online. Whether it’s your reputation through word of mouth, how you’re talking on social media, or what your courses are saying on your web pages, they’re checking out what you’re about and whether they feel you could be right for them.

Gen Z are the “digital natives” for whom quickly finding information online is second nature. The real issue is, do you have what they need without it being buried that one-click-too-many away for them?

The other gear change when it comes to these early pre-conversation opportunities students are having, is that they’re used to looking you up when they want to and finding the content that’s relevant to where they are at any given point of the recruitment cycle.

All of this before you know about them. So – is your website ready to have multiple conversations with different cycles at any given time of the day and have you considered how that pre-conversation flows? What are the natural guiding pieces of content that students may want or need and what conversion opportunities fit in?

These indications of interest and intent can provide you with very rich decision-making data, which is effectively what cues.ai is delivering on a weekly basis to our clients.

We worked with the University of Chichester to help focus user journeys, improve conversion rates for key engagement opportunities within the recruitment funnel as well as gain a better understanding of user behaviour aligned to undergraduate courses.

Not only did we see the time spent by users on the website increase, but the number of pages they viewed in a session, indicating the content the cues were providing were helping with their research. We also saw an increase in action activity too, with over 130% increase in open day forms being completed from the previous year.

Check out more in our case study here

If you’d like to know more about cues.ai email us at enquiries@twentythousandleagues.co.uk

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