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University of Chichester - Cues.ai case study

The challenge

To better understand how students researched their courses and improve their engagement through their website, the University of Chichester needed a tool that could support student recruitment and inform their digital strategy to better provide content to prospective students.

They used cues.ai to take on the challenge, focusing on undergraduate courses.

The solution

To better focus user journeys towards key information prospective students needed at different stages of their research and application process, cues.ai worked to shape their experience on the university website through a series of cues.

These questions ensured the right content was provided at the right time, but also guided users towards conversion activities, such as on-campus and virtual open days.

Behind the scenes, cues.ai combined a breadth of data to provide the team with weekly reports which gave them useful insights into interest levels for different courses pre-application, how users were engaging with their content and in turn shape their approach.

The results

Almost 50,000 unique users were engaged with cues in just 7 months, being guided to register, engage with questions or take action. User engagement increased when targeted with cues:

  • Time on site increased by over 180% to almost 5 minutes

  • Pages per session increased by over four additional pages

  • Open day form completions increased by 131%

  • Visitors to the website who saw and interacted with a cue had an increased rate of 180% to conversion activity they were guided to

Client says

“Cues.ai has helped us target and engage users, and the increases in engagement and conversion rate are testament to that. The smart funnel allows us to promote features and benefits of the university and each course to users at the right time. It also let us quickly adapt our website messaging and move engaged users towards virtual open days when we quickly needed made the shift to online events.” – Kirsty Cleak, Digital Marketing Manager

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