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University of St Andrews - Cues.ai case study

The challenge

With lots of pages, a plethora of courses and students at different stages of their decision-making process, the team at the University of St Andrews were keen to integrate cues.ai to shape the content prospective students were engaging with, and better understand their user journey before they completed forms to register for specific events, more information, or to apply.

They used cues.ai on-going from April 2020 for their Postgraduate Taught and Undergraduate International Honours courses.

The solution

Through a series of cues and nudges, cues.ai sat on a series of relevant pages in order to offer students the opportunity to curate their own user experience of the University website.

Depending on what stage the student was at, or level of interest in a particular course, relevant content was served via appropriate cues, leading them towards landing pages where they could register their interest.

Weekly data reports informed the team as to how students were engaging with pages and interacting with the cues. The beauty being, cues were purely optional for prospects, so for those who didn’t engage with them, they could experience the site as it stands.

The results

  • Over three-quarters of students engaged with cues and ended up progressing to completing forms registering their details.

  • On average, students looked at 80% more pages when they’d engaged with cues.

  • Students spend over 4 minutes longer on average when they visited the site and the bounce rate was dramatically reduced.

By identifying how users were engaging with content and cues and flowing through our smart funnel, we could adjust the content to help inform this early interaction before a more developed conversation with the student was available. This meant students were able to navigate the content they needed depending on the stage they were at and what their interest was.

Client says:

"Cues.ai has provided a measurable improvement in student engagement in a very short space of time. Enabling it on the University website was a very smooth process thanks to Twenty Thousand Leagues." - Stephen Evans, University Web Manager

You can read more from St Andrews on their experience using cues.ai on their blog article 'Using cues.ai to inform decision making'.

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