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Use to improve user engagement with your web content.

Get your message across with Snippets

Snippets by is the ultimate tool for creators of web page content seeking to get their key points seen.

Snippets lets you quickly highlight your strongest on-page quotes, one-liners or short paragraphs, and bring them to the forefront of the user's attention.

Whether it's brand storytelling, news articles or product pages you're writing, Snippets lets you gain the SEO benefits from long form content whilst keeping users with short attention spans engaged.

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Tell your story, to the right people.

Convert your website visitors into audience groups based on their interests, so you can adapt the user experience of your website to what's right for them. Users who interact with personalised cues often see up to 65% longer average website session durations.

Use Snippets to lift out the relevant messages from your on-page content for each audience group. These messages can change for each target audience, ensuring content is personalised to the user.

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Enhance your existing content

Go beyond what's found on the page and add additional layers of information served via cues, such as extra "did you know?" facts or location-specific information.

Example use case:
Display more detailed facts for users who have previously indicated an interest in the topic your content covers.

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Results improves website user engagement, and has achieved the following results from select customers.

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Conversion actions completed
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Key features
for content writers


Target specific audiences with the facts, messages and content that's right for them.


Pull user's attention to key points in your content, and avoid users skimming past vital details.


Prompt your users to view additional content that'll help them convert.


Report on page performance, sentiment analysis, cue interactions and more.

How to get going with

Sign up & install the script

After you've signed up, our team will contact you with your own script. The cues script can be easily implemented on your website via Google Tag Manager, we'll send you full instructions on how this is done.


Start tagging your content

To use Snippets, simply markup the on-page text you'd like featured in a cue using our HTML tags.

If you're on an enterprise plan, our team will be in contact to discuss set up of cues.

Build your audiences

Build your target audiences and start personalising how each user of your website experiences your content.

Simply refer to our Getting Started guide provided on sign up.


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